Our street food menu lovingly created using only our own beef

Our street food menu lovingly created using only our own beef

Our menu has been designed to ensure we can serve a regular variety of delicious sandwiches and hot dishes to hungry lunchtime and evening customers who don’t want to hang around too long and don’t want to pay the earth. All our dishes have been created by our expert chefs and butchers, using only our own beef.


Steak Sandwich ~ £7.50

Only rump, sirloin or ribeye in the mother of all steak sandwiches, served in ciabbata with horseradish mayonnaise and salad.

Pastrami on Rye ~ £7

We make the salt beef pastrami from brisket and silverside in a process that takes a week. It’s thick sliced and served hot on local Rye bread.

Pulled Beef Roll ~ £6.50

Flank steak very slow cooked over several hours, and then having almost melted, pulled and further cooked in our own sauce. Served in a granary or white roll with homemade coleslaw.


Beef Bourguignon ~ £6

The Burgundian classic uses our tender chuck steak.

Beef Goulash ~ £6

Our twist on the Hungarian classic. Tender, slow cooked chuck and topside in the classic mushroom sauce. Mind the paprika!

Hearty Beef Stew ~ £6

A wet and cold lunchtime delight. Hours of cooking creates this delicious, hearty, tender dish.

Chilli Con Carne ~ £6

The carne for this dish is the best steak mince, and we like to be able to taste the chilli! Another classic winter warmer.

Beef Rendang ~ £6

Spicy Indonesian curry comes to London. Shin, brisket and chuck provide the basis for this very slow cooked dish.

~ A choice of chips, salad, rice or potatoes is available ~